Engine Builder Lubricants

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Engine Builder Lubricants

Protects camshaft lifters and valve train during break-in period of motor. Excellent for flat tappet camshafts during break-in or as an additive to any motor oil to prevent premature wear.

The initial start up of a new engine is critical to its performance and life expectancy.

Lucas Hub Grease is a long lasting, cool running NLGI #1 grease especially formulated for the fast turning wheels of boat trailers with encased bearings.

Lucas High Performance Assembly Lube is designed for mechanics and technicians to pre lube bearings, cams, lifters and valve train.

Lou Starauss uses Lucas Transmission Fix in 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I usually don't do this but when I find a product like Lucas Transmission Fix, I feel the need to compliment your product.

I own a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 162,000mi., which developed a small leak located at the rear transmisson seal. I decided to try the Lucas product. Not only did the leak stop but the transmission is shifting like new.

I am sold on Transmission Fix and will try other Lucas products in the near future.

Thanks for the great product.

Lou Strauss

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