X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease

Lucas Oil Products, Inc.

X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease

Lucas X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease is the end result of years of research and a brand new technology. This is the only grease we’ve found that completely recovers after being extremely overheated. It’s virtually wash-out proof (goes off the chart for high-speed bearings) and lasts up to four times longer than conventional lithium grease. Fortified with an extreme pressure additive package, it exceeds OEM "Lube For Life" specifications.

La graisse de haute tenue X-TRA de Lucas est le résultat final d’années de recherche et elle représente une toute nouvelle technologie. C’est la seule graisse que nous avons découverte capable de retrouver complètement ses propriétés après avoir été extrêmement surchauffée. Elle est pratiquement impossible à enlever à l’eau (elle dépasse toutes les prévisions pour les paliers à grande vitesse) et dure jusqu’à quatre fois plus longtemps que la graisse au lithium ordinaire. Renforcée par un ensemble d’additifs à haute pression, elle dépasse les spécifications des fabricants pour le « graissage à vie ».

Key Benefits

  • Lasts four times longer than regular grease
  • Virtually waterproof
  • All temperature stable
  • Exceeds Lube for Life specifications
  • The ultimate grease for high speed bearings



  • #20301-30 - 14.5 oz net (Case of 30) 411 g
  • #20330 - 16 oz net (Case of 12) 454 g
  • #10305 - 35 lbs
  • #10316 - 120 lbs
  • #10335 - 400 lbs



Product Spec Sheet Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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David Morris uses Lucas X-tra Heavy Duty Grease for The EQUALIZER Monster Truck

I want to thank Lucas Oil Products for making such a fine line of oil additives. We use them in everything we have--tractors, trucks, cars and especially my Monster Truck, The EQUALIZER.

The products I use most frequently are the Oil Stabilizer, diesel fuel treatment and the grease. I use the Oil Stabilizer in the gear boxes of my semi as well as the EQUALIZER; in fact, I wouldn't start either one of them without it.

A good example of how well the Oil Stabilizer works is when I ran it in my EQUALIZER motor that had NO oil pressure. I used 70% Oil Stabilizer and 30% regular motor oil. The motor held up for a full night of racing and still looked great when I tore it down later.

I use the diesel fuel treatment in my big rig that hauls the Monster Truck. I've noticed a big difference in fuel consumption, at least a mile per gallon.

Also, I use the X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease on the fittings of all my vehicles regularly. This is the only grease I've ever used that actually does what it says it will do. Other greases have not lasted nearly as long or as well.

Thank you again for making such great products. You've got a loyal user.

Yours truly,

David Morris
Driver of The EQUALIZER

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