Synthetic SAE 10W-40 Outboard Engine Oil

Lucas Oil Products, Inc.

Synthetic SAE 10W-40 Outboard Engine Oil

Lucas Synthetic SAE 10W-40 Outboard Engine Oil is formulated especially for the harsh conditions of high speed watercrafts. These outboard engine oils are catalyst compatible and designed for 4-Stroke applications but also work well in Inboards and Personal Watercrafts.

Long lasting and safely blends with synthetic & non-synthetic oils, Lucas outboard engine oils are fortified with a special blend of synthetic additives that coat all moving parts to guard against rust and moisture during long periods of storage.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent for use with supercharged, turbo charged or nitrous oxide high performance engines
  • Protects against rust and moisture during long periods of storage
  • Safely blends and is compatible with synthetic and non-synthetic oils
  • Provides rust and corrosion protection in both fresh water and salt water environments
  • Effective Water Resistance
  • Long Lasting
  • Resist Extreme Pressure
  • Extreme Friction Reducer
  • Contains a special additive package to improve wear protection and increase catalyst life in newer outboards using catalytic converters
  • NMMA® Certified to meet or exceed FC-W (CAT) performance
  • Meets JASO MA standards for air-cooled motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles
  • Meets industry standard API SM (automotive)



  • 20662 - 1 Quart (Case of 6) - 946 mL



Product Spec Sheet Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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David McOwen uses Lucas Transmission Fix in 1998 Dodge

It took 5 months for my wife Debi and I to leave New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina but we finally sold the house and bought a house in Oklahoma. In January when I was pulling a 3,000 lb trailer with my 1998 Dodge Caravan I couldn't get past 55 miles per hour and I was burning gas up like crazy, motor running hot and noisy. At one station I noticed the Lucas Oil and Transmission treatment. First I put the Oil in and the Engine quieted right up (no more clicking valves) and the temp came down. Then I put the Transmission treatment in and got back on the road. It passed 55 easily and was able to cruise along at 70 without straining, stayed cool, quiet and decent gas mileage. Just this month I had a gas sensor problem where it would keep dropping to empty, low fuel light would come on and it would ding like crazy. I put the Lucas Fuel treatment in and the sensor straightened right out and hasn't given me a problem since. Like I said I am a walking Lucas commericial. Great stuff.

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